Our own fatalities.

Prose 1

There is nothing as perfect as humans; but we fail when instead of harnessing our own efforts, skill and power; we weaken ourselves to an extent where we drive our negativity to a point of no return. This upsets the harmony of our thoughts, our reason, thus we choose the journey which moves us aside from our own selves, leading us to our fears.

Our biggest fear is our own selves, a line drawn to separate ourselves from the crowd, a point of eliteness; a hypocrite inside all of us. And when the foundation of this being gets undermined, it withdraws from the position and develops a defensive cocoon around one’s psyche, fancying for the consent of culture which they in beginning tried to disassociate from.

There are many ways with which we can recognize the strength within us, a presence we have never realised. Though our dependency on the others applauds has made us deflect from the route of the self-reliance and crashed into a narcissistic course of our individual survival.

To be continued…..

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