It’s you always been you.

If the life is harsh,

Than death doesn’t makes it easier.

You might find a way out,

But still stuck in eternity of births unfair.

I know you have got so much to give up,

But think about all the bright side you left untouched.

Ones there for you; never got to talk,

Hold on, life has been mean to all its just not way to end it here after all.

Speak out your heart and soul,

Everyone will be listening; ones who even thought you are nothing to the core.

Believe me its just matter of time,

One day you will smile at everything and count the blessings by staying alive.

Worth is value of soul so untouched,

Take the thee’s name and hold on their is nothing to regret.

Its all in you,

All the power wiled to shed and break the fatalities caused to you.

Its you who has the power to fight,

Its you who can defeat this ill and live a glorious life.

Its you all in you…..

Oh Ru the soul ©®™..

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