Yeh Zindgi. (This life)

Waqt badalta nhi,

Log badalte nhi,

Zindgi badalti nhi,

Aur duaein parwan hoti nhi.

Kuch bikhri hai awaz bhi,

Kuch ko sunai deti hai kuch ko nhi.

Zindgi ko bhi talab hai yeh zindgi,

Maut mangte hue bhi aati nhi.

Yeh sukh ka rog bhi gaazhub hai,

Nasha hai ya maazhub hai.

Dukh mein yaad ati hai parwadigar ki,

Sukh ki bemari mein toh ru tak jazab hai.

Mann ke mele hone par bhi,

Karm neeki ke kar rahe hai.

Kuch esa mann lo,

Kudh ke bnaye brahm mein hi jee rahe hai.

Zindgi ka manzar bhi anokha hai,

Jeya jata nhi aur har manzar ek juth ka gharonda hai.


Neither time changes,

Neither people change,

Neither this life.

And the prayers are yet to be listened.

My voice seems to be in pieces,

Some part could be listened by others but some couldn’t.

Even in this life I am praying for a way of life,

Even after desire to die, the death doesn’t seems to arrive.

This illness of happiness is a miracle itself,

Like a drug and a belief of its own keeping us to our own selves.

In sadness we remember that great one,

But in happiness we are just forgotten our own soul to fondness.

With a dirtier heart,

We are doing the good deeds,

Like living in ones own realm of lies and broken dreams.

Life’s way is a wonder,

One can’t even live and the each moment is just another penny in the home of lies.


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