The sky was never a limit,

neither the space beyond it.

Your voice will be heard,

When your break the permits of social vitrues.

Money will not be speaking,

It will just be a paper worth a lambo’s value.

Real power will be your words,

With divinity and demand as their habitue

The sky was never a limit,

Neither the fabric of moralities.

These were the ethics which mattered,

Not the false equality of improper historicity.

My mind boggeles about how unfair we can be,

Live a lie equally as harsh a truth can be.

What has happened to us why still asleep,

So many people sacrificed just to wake you up from false dream.

They dreamt of us in free willed world,

Not in offended cycle of blaming perpetual suburbs.

Nothing is free in freedom and nothing is left true in truth,

Just a mocking the just in world of untrue.


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