Pardon (Baksh)

Baksh de gunha nu,

Meri soch da zarya ghat aa,

Ghum ch yaad avein,

Tu yaad avein oh vele,

Jehda mere dua mangn de vass aa.

Tenu bhul java oh vele jad lodh teri ghatt aa.

Bass meri nazra ch tu na malik,

Eh vaiish paune di satt aa.

Allah allah karda mein jad

Vaji dilla te satt aa.

Mein jaaga te bhul java,

Mein sauva te rovan.

Eh khed keho ji layi tu,

Ithe zindgi kum afsoos vadh aa.

Vass mere hirde malik,

Ithe sirf teri bandgi sach aa.


Pardon my ills,

I am not knowledged like you.

Remembering you in sadness

And that time when only prayers are my forte.

I forget you when I don’t need you,

I didn’t even saw you as drapes of ills has damaged me.

When I recite your name

My heart aches for you.

But When I wake up I forget you and

When I sleep I cry for you.

What kind of show you have put on,

Where life is less, regrets are more.

Just bless me and remain in my heart,

As only your name is True nothing else.


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