Nothing makes sense at all,

Unbelievable but rather more predictive than you.

Petty liars with tales to tell like one survived the wild wild west,

Rather won’t end up on those within a day lying own abilities; so fake.

Running all around singing song with no sense to you,

Ravaging about the blasts which never happened with you at all.

Ah pain is just a game for you,
play it all along victimising a whole lot of you.

Its not about fire but about who put it out,
A foul mouthed abuser with nothing to speak about.

A heaven is thine soul and hell thy deeds,

What are you wondering there is no such place with booze and peace, neither a torture cell full of screams.

Here I am seem less trying to make sense in of middle nothing but senseless world of you.

Oh Ru the Soul©®™

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