Berukhi. (Brazen).

Yeh duniya berukhi ka damann pehne,

Sulagte khabo ke anchal mein; chali hai bekhumari ko.

Iska koi aant nhi,

Isme koi azad nhi.

Kudh ki behdiiyo mein bandhe Chale jaa rahe ho.

Koi kuch bolta nhi; sab sunn-na hi chahein gee,

Jo baatein karni thi unko bhul jana hi chahein gee.

Inn sukhe labho ko zarurat padhi hai kuj lafzo ki yarri ki,

Chup hai hum ya beemar hai, ya hai yeh kudh ki haivaniyat sarri.


This world is moving to a damned destination,

This world is cultivating dreams by damning themselves into a brazen horizon.

This has no end,

This has no freedom in it.

Everyone has tied themselves in chains of their own creation.

No one is speaking; everyone just wants to be told and listen.

The words which had to be spoken now are on verge of being forgotten.

These dry lips need the touch and friendship of words,

Are we quiet or ill, or just disgusted in our own hell.

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