All over it; And near it,

Stuffled and struded to,

Stiff and strangled.

A Hope of lying in casket frackled not frown,

Ready to be borrowed for tommorow’s shine.

Oh sweet death of mine, Come like a sour red wine.

You dance slowly and Wrap me arms of thine.

Like a perfect end of day, On a bed so fine.

Worthy and worthier; Frown and fuzzier,

A sweep slate and A rank still to bate

A game to be caught but still untouched but burned to ate.

One; no different from animal on farm,

Just waiting and longing it to end with less harm.

Stunt and stiff; Worries are dead, With no lose ends.

And when appears the dawn of grim’s past,

Stranding there dancing the life’s last laugh.

With one Speaking out loud


Like one has no regrets; not at all.

Oh death of mine Come slowly, as much as you might,

Let the heart beat to song of yesterday burning me bright.

Oh Ru The Soul©®™….

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