Its the sadness, Slowly shutting the world off around, Senses going blind like upheaval from reality.
Though reality one lives in doesn’t seems like one, Maybe the dreams I have dozed in mean like one.

Dimmer the lights, the loud and bright, just left alone with soul, tears and tears rolling down the cheekbones not worth to be wiped as the pillow will still be soaked.

There is a story yet to be told but no one wants to, as it better to be if left alone. Lonely tales of pain or the abuse one faced all alone.

Its not the others that bring one down, probably it will be one trying to put nice face all around. Putting a fight against wont be any tough but keeping up with the crooked won’t help you much.

These tear will matter one day, they will become the inspiration you needed as you prayed. It won’t matter if ones sees you cry, thing that matter will be who stood by.

Walk alone on the line, thin but safer than the crowd full of perilous pride. Don’t speak the ill just leave the prone alone, let the dogs bark; you are a lion who walks alone.

Oh Ru the Soul©®…

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