A fallen stone.

The truth; the bitterness of all,

whether we are a human at heart or an idol carved on a stone.

We didn’t care about what went wrong, We never cared till shit fell on our own lawns.

We wrote countless songs and ones who were right to point were shot for our wrongs.

A man’s life sold is to the highest bidder, forsaken and lone to pitiful of anger.

Treated like pawns in a game of life under the shadow of shame.

We thought the manuscript of our life were part of our own making who knew its all sinful dreadful way of our own forsaking.

Walk on, on the lone paths into the darkness scared and embarrassed,

none won’t care all will just stare, with you going down until you hit the rock bottom of those stares.

A job one hold or clothes one wears assuming one as a clown of the circus,

Going around just like lion fallen to a hunter in tamers row.

Fallen from the arms of an angel to become a heart of stone.

Oh, Ru The Soul.©®™





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