Out of line.

They ain’t reading, they just sliding like the rest,
None’s mind is open, its just full of cash, rotten like pest.
They want it in there pockets, jackets and lockets.everything seems like a walking catalogue of damn profits.
Many say money speaks; but looks like it shouts and screams.
Its damn loud I couldn’t hear the one in need, oh! its not you; its just the one who got money stolen in dreams.
They think they gonna move ahead of time, oh no its just you who’s lying to.
You tripping all over the place, see money just bought you all the disgrace.
They say I am not gonna be like that in, the end its just like everyone in rat race like That.
Ah, they playing soft and cool, but inside its breaking bad and prude.
Hidden the beast of mine, just don’t look; oh! They say ‘its sad part of struggle; money can’t buy the truth’.
Its not sad its realty, above money the other half is casualty. You begging, crying for the help looks like everyone left when it matters. You weren’t there for those in need when they were in shatters and you just kept on talking.
Mother nature calls you hey! look my children got nothing to eat, but no, I had my ego to feed.
You going down not south, like swimming back upstream; its damn hard I won’t lie but we lost the true nature of being a human being.
You ain’t men; just lying machine, walking out of line pointing out others sad screams.

Oh Ru The Soul…©®™


  1. nice, but great…has truth and hate…brings something to light…..that no one can deny….
    You have a talent that has no limits. Keep it up. Keep writing truths like these. Believe me, People will recognize your skill someday.

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