Exclusive just so clear felt like a fresh breeze of air.

It was so different it was so right, like one always wanted to be things should be like.

Oh that moment which one lived in walking down those steps in alley behind yours like a Angel and a deprived.

It made one thrive, can’t even realize when was the last time one felt so alive. Sizzle and drizzle the radiance that made the place all round come to life.

That colours you stroke off black and white canvas of imagination and nature’s sight. Merciless is yours beauty undefined.

Oh dear that beat of heart going down every night, looking at stars as just looking at ye when you walked into my life.

Those eyes piercing through one’s heart giving all the hope inside that true love is still breathing like logic and Christmas pines.

Rather what can one say when you are far enough to void and Ken love is a tart made for fools and Divine’s.

Hoped this meet was true as I woke of from another beautiful dream of untrue. Another broken piece of vase and love eternal like holiness and sun’s light

Oh Ru The Soul..©®

#ruthesoul #enlightedyou


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